The Discord bot toolkit for modern php

0.1.0-beta.2 2017-12-21 15:08 UTC

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Last update: 2023-03-05 15:35:38 UTC


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Discodian (Discord Custodian), the extensible php toolkit to create your own Discord bot.

Please note sharding is not yet supported.


  • PHP 7.1 or up.
  • Some knowledge about composer.


composer create-project discodian/discodian


Make sure to get a bot token from the developer portal.

  • New App.
  • Under section "Bot" click "Create a Bot User".
  • Under section "Bot" click "click to reveal" next to Token. This is the bot token.
  • Feel free to configure the bot to your liking.

Copy .env.example to .env if it doesn't exist yet and add any necessary configuration settings.


Fire up the bot using the following command:

php discodian

Possibly you'd like to have your bot run in production permanently. The easiest way to do so is using supervisor. Here's an example config you can use (assuming your bot is installed in /home/bot:

command=php /home/bot/discodian


Create a composer-based package and make sure you use type "discodian-extension" in the composer.json definition. Here's an excerpt to give an indication;

    "name": "github-username/discodian-amazing-extension",
    "description": "Kick ass awesome extension for Discodian",
    "type": "discodian-extension"

In the root path of your package create a file bootstrap.php, you can use this file to hook into the Discodian ecosystem.


use Illuminate\Contracts\Events\Dispatcher;

return function (Dispatcher $events) {
    $events->listen(x, function () {

Developing the extension

I recommend creating a workbench directory inside the project. For each extension you write you can create a folder, eg amazing-extension which houses your extension composer.json file and the bootstrap.php file.

Use Studio while in the project directory to load the extension. This generates a studio.json file. You can now install your extension from the project directory using composer require github-username/discodian-amazing-extension. This will generate a symlink from the vendor folder to your workbench.


We adhere to the PSR standards. If you're interested in working on a Pull Request make sure to open one early on, simply prefix it with "WIP" to indicate a "Work in Progress" version. This allows early guidance towards the best result and less wasted time on your and our behalf.

In case your contribution is merged into a package of Discodian, you grant Discodian full permission to use your contribution without any need for attribution.


Part of this library was copied from and inspired by the Team Reflex source copyrighted by David Cole. Although the license claim has been dropped for some files, attribution is provided via this readme. Thank you for the hard work, it is very much appreciated!