Browse your LDAP server in your Laravel application.

v0.1.1 2022-04-11 13:49 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-22 17:08:31 UTC


An LDAP browser for your Laravel application or development workflow.


  • Laravel >= 8.0
  • LdapRecord-Laravel >= 2.0


Before installing LdapRecord-Browser, configure your LDAP connections.

After configuring your connections, install LdapRecord-Browser via composer:

composer require directorytree/ldaprecord-browser

Then, inside of your routes/web.php file, register Browser's routes via:

// routes/web.php

Route::prefix('/ldap')->group(function () {

Since Browser has an index route (/), it's recommended to wrap it inside of a group with a prefix so it does not collide with your applications root index page.


After you've registered Browser's routes, you're ready to start navigating your directory.

Visit your application at (if running php artisan serve)

You will see a list of connections you have configured:

Click one of the connections and you will be taken to a view of your entire directory, where you may search and view all objects visible by your configured user account:


LdapRecord-Browser is configured out of the box for use with Active Directory LDAP servers.

If you're connecting to a different LDAP server, such as OpenLDAP, you may alter the LdapRecord model references Browser utilizes.

To update these references, call LdapRecord\Browser\Browser::models() inside of your AppServiceProvider::boot() method:

use LdapRecord\Browser\Browser;
use LdapRecord\Browser\ModelType;

public function boot()
        ModelType::USER => \LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\User::class,
        ModelType::GROUP => \LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\Group::class,
        ModelType::DEFAULT => \LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\Entry::class,
        ModelType::UNKNOWN => \LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\Entry::class,
        ModelType::COMPUTER => \LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\Entry::class,
        ModelType::CONTAINER => \LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\OrganizationalUnit::class,

Note: If you've created your own LdapRecord models, feel free to update these references to those instead.