A simple trait to add to your PHPUnit test allowing you to track and test PHP errors, warnings and notices

4.1.1 2018-09-06 11:35 UTC

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PHPUnit ErrorHandler

An alternative approach to unit testing PHP errors.

Whilst you can use PHPUnit's built-in behaviour of converting all errors, warnings and notices to exceptions, this package allows you to track all PHP errors, including user generated errors, separately.

The code is supplied as a trait and is based upon Error Condition Testing with PHPUnit

Here is an example use case:

use DigiTickets\PHPUnit\ErrorHandler;

class TestErrorHandling extends \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
    use ErrorHandler;

    public function testSomethingGeneratedAnError()
        // Run something that will produce an error, warning or notice.
        // For example, a E_USER_NOTICE of 'Incompatible type ignored' can be tested as follows:
        $this->assertError('Incompatible type ignored', E_USER_NOTICE);

    public function testSomethingDidNotGenerateAnError()
        // Run something that should not produce an error, warning or notice.

Upgrading from V3.0.0 to V4.0.0

Thanks to imbrish, the upgrade is extremely simple.

In previous versions, you were required to have the following setup logic.

protected function setUp()
    // Set the error handler.

Now you don't. You can remove the $this->setUpErrorHandler(); call. If you now have an empty setup() function, you can remove that also!