Creates an XML file for a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Credit Transfer.

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SEPA file generator for PHP.

Creates an XML file for a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Credit Transfer and Direct Debit.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0

The versions of the standard followed are:

  • pain.001.002.03 (or pain.001.001.03) for credits
  • and pain.008.002.02 (or pain.008.001.02) for debits

Institutions and associations that should accept this format:

  • Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft
  • Fédération bancaire française

However, always verify generated files with your bank before using!



This library is available in packagist.org, you can add it to your project via Composer.

In the "require" section of your composer.json file:

Always up to date (bleeding edge, API not guaranteed stable)

"digitick/sepa-xml" : "dev-master"

No namespaces, only bugfixes

"digitick/sepa-xml" : "dev-no_namespace"

Specific minor version, API stability

"digitick/sepa-xml" : "0.10.*"

Sample Usage DirectDebit with Factory

//Set the initial information
$directDebit = TransferFileFacadeFactory::createDirectDebit('test123', 'Me');

// create a payment, it's possible to create multiple payments,
// "firstPayment" is the identifier for the transactions
$directDebit->addPaymentInfo('firstPayment', array(
    'id'                    => 'firstPayment',
    'creditorName'          => 'My Company',
    'creditorAccountIBAN'   => 'FI1350001540000056',
    'creditorAgentBIC'      => 'PSSTFRPPMON',
    'seqType'               => PaymentInformation::S_ONEOFF,
    'creditorId'            => 'DE21WVM1234567890'
// Add a Single Transaction to the named payment
$directDebit->addTransfer('firstPayment', array(
    'amount'                => '500',
    'debtorIban'            => 'FI1350001540000056',
    'debtorBic'             => 'OKOYFIHH',
    'debtorName'            => 'Their Company',
    'debtorMandate'         =>  'AB12345',
    'debtorMandateSignDate' => '13.10.2012',
    'remittanceInformation' => 'Purpose of this direct debit'
// Retrieve the resulting XML

Extended Usage Credit Transfer

// Create the initiating information
$groupHeader = new GroupHeader('SEPA File Identifier', 'Your Company Name');
$sepaFile = new CustomerCreditTransferFile($groupHeader);

$transfer = new CustomerCreditTransferInformation(
    '0.02', // Amount
    'FI1350001540000056', //IBAN of creditor
    'Their Corp' //Name of Creditor
$transfer->setBic('OKOYFIHH'); // Set the BIC explicitly
$transfer->setRemittanceInformation('Transaction Description');

// Create a PaymentInformation the Transfer belongs to
$payment = new PaymentInformation(
    'Payment Info ID',
    'FR1420041010050500013M02606', // IBAN the money is transferred from
    'My Corp' // Debitor Name
// It's possible to add multiple Transfers in one Payment

// It's possible to add multiple payments to one SEPA File

// Attach a dombuilder to the sepaFile to create the XML output
$domBuilder = DomBuilderFactory::createDomBuilder($sepaFile);

// Or if you want to use the format 'pain.001.001.03' instead
// $domBuilder = DomBuilderFactory::createDomBuilder($sepaFile, 'pain.001.001.03');