File handling library

v1.1.0 2020-03-16 12:35 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-09-16 13:46:20 UTC


This library helps with the handling of files and images. The files are stored physically using Laravel's filesystem configuration; and logically into a table in the database.



$builder->manyToOne(File::class, 'propertyName'); $builder->belongsTo(ImageFile::class, 'imagePropertyName');

Image Handling

Each ImageFile has an optional parent image (the original one). This allows to have a tree of curated images attached to the original.

For example:

public function __construct(FileRepository $repository, ImageCurator $curator)
    $this->repository = $repository;
    $this->curator = $curator;

public function curateImage(ImageFile $originalImage): ImageFile
    if (! ($curatedImage = $originalImage->getCurated('SOME_IDENTIFICATION_KEY'))) {
        $originalImage->setContentGetter(function () use ($originalImage) {
            return $this->repository->getContents($originalImage->getId());
        $curation = $this->curator
            ->resize(WIDTH, HEIGHT)
            ->optimize() //not yet implemented
        $curatedImage = $originalImage->curate('SOME_IDENTIFICATION_KEY', $curation);
        $curatedImage->setContentGetter(function () use ($curatedImage) {
            return $this->repository->getContents($curatedImage->getId());
    return $curatedImage;

The imageCurator can be extended or replaced. Also, you can implement another curator alongside the pre-existing one and use both at the same time.

The only requirement is that the curator should return an array of callbacks that the Curation object can apply to the image.