Migrate your TYPO3 content from fluidcontent to flux - different.technology

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Fluid Content to Flux migration

This TYPO3 extension adds an upgrade wizard to your TYPO3 instance which converts fluidcontent elements to flux elements.

Please do not forget to run the flux update script in the extension manager after executing this migration.


Install the extension:

composer require different-technology/fluidcontent-flux-migration

Migrate your content

  1. Run the upgrade wizard with the install tool or with the CLI
bin/typo3 upgrade:run fluidcontentToFluxMigration
  1. Go to the Extension Manager your TYPO3 backend and execute the update script of the flux extension

  2. (optional) Feel free to remove this extension after your content is migrated

composer remove different-technology/fluidcontent-flux-migration