DiamanteDesk Embedded Form Bundle

2.0.3 2016-08-26 15:06 UTC

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DiamanteDesk EmbeddedForm Bundle

EmbeddedForm bundle extends OroEmbeddedFormBundle functionality. To create a ticket from a third party in DiamanteDesk it is required to add an additional form type and a controller.

For more information about the Embedded Form, please see Oro/Bundle/EmbeddedFormBundle/README.md.


DiamanteDesk supports OroCRM version 1.8+.


Step 1: Add as dependency in composer:

composer require diamante/embeddedform-bundle:dev-master

Step 2: Execute the following command:

php app/console diamante:embeddedform:schema

Step 3: Install assets in a usual way through Symfony:

php app/console assets:install


Diamante Embedded Form URL should not be covered by the standard Oro Platfrom authentication. You should add additional configuration to filewalls section in app/config/security.yml:

    pattern:                        ^/embedded-form/submit-ticket
    provider:                       chain_provider
    anonymous:                      true


We appreciate any effort to make DiamanteDesk functionality better; therefore, we welcome all kinds of contributions in the form of bug reporting, patches submitting, feature requests or documentation enhancement. Please refer to the DiamanteDesk guidelines for contributing if you wish to be a part of the project.