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Modlify generates stubs for Laravel-components using existing models. Modlify tries to figure out model-validation and factories based on the migrated table for the model.


Install via composer

composer require dialect/modlify

It is possible publish the views modlify uses to generate the stubs if custom modification is wanted.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Dialect\Modlify\ModlifyServiceProvider"


Modlify can currently generate:

php artisan modlify:controller - Generates Controller.

php artisan modlify:factory - Generates Factory.

php artisan modlify:policy - Generates Policy and adds it to AuthServiceProvider.php

php artisan modlify:route - Adds route to web.php

php artisan modlify:tests - Generates tests

php artisan modlify:views - Generates views

php artisan modlify:all Generates all of the components.

You can either specify a model, or use the --all parameter to make Modlify find all available models in the app directory. By default Modlify doesn't overwrite existing files, it is possible to force overwrites with the -force parameter


All the views has access to the following variables:

model - Empty instance of the model

modelName - Name of Model, e.g User or ArticleType

databaseName - Name of database, e.g Forge

tableName - Name of table, e.g users or article_types

variableName - Name of variable e.g $user or $aricleTypes

collectionName - Name of variable of collection of models e.g $users or $articleTypes

resourceName - Name of resource, e.g users or article-types

columns - Array of columns avaiable in table

Some generators has extra varables:


validations - Validation rules

hasPassword - Model has password


fakers - List of calls to the faker instance.


argumentName- name of model varaible to avoid collition with $user.


checkColumn- name of column to use to check if model is seen in view. hasPassword - Model has password