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A framework to help build a Discord bot and route incoming messages. Features include:

  • Restrict commands to particular channels
  • Restrict commands to particular roles
  • Respond to various message properties only including:
    • Private messages
    • Mentions
    • Messages containing particular phrases
    • Messages from certain people

It's a work in progress, in particular it could do with a good DSL in front of the matchers in order make specifying a bot much prettier on the eyes.


php composer.phar install


See examples

  1. Create your bot on the Discord Developer Site
  2. Copy your bot client/application id
  3. Go to https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=CLIENT_ID_GOES_HERE&scope=bot&permissions=0 You can set permissions for the bot here. Permissions can be found on the developer pages under permission.
  4. Select server and click authorize.
  5. php examples/run.php [your_bot_token] [bot_client_id]

Included in the example is an upstart script. To run on a Ubuntu server:

cp examplebot.conf /etc/init
# Change paths in config to match your installation
vi /etc/init/examplebot.conf
sudo service examplebot restart

Running Tests

  • All: vendor/bin/phpunit
  • Individual: vendor/bin/phpunit tests/DiscordBotBuilder/Command/HelpCommandTest.php


See info about the bot's current servers:

php utils/debug-info.php [discord_token]