This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the texy/texy package instead.

Texy converts plain text in easy to read Texy syntax into structurally valid (X)HTML. It supports adding of images, links, nested lists, tables and has full support for CSS. Texy supports hyphenation of long words (which reflects language rules), clickable emails and URL (emails are obfuscated again...






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Texy is text-to-HTML formatter and converter library written in PHP. It allows you to write structured documents (with images, links, nested lists, tables) without knowledge or using of HTML language. You write documents in humane easy-to-read plain text format and Texy! converts it to structurally and valid HTML code.

Texy formats text in accordance with typographic rules. It replaces quotes with typographic correct quotes, hyphens with em-dash, converts letter x to dimension sign etc.

The best way to install Texy is to use a Composer:

php composer.phar require texy/texy

Documentation and Examples

Refer to the 'examples' directory for examples. Texy documentation is available on the homepage https://texy.info.

If you like Texy, please make a donation now. Thank you!