An Events CMS for Laravel Nova

v1.0.2 2020-07-26 16:13 UTC


An Events CMS for Laravel Nova.


composer require dewsign/nova-events

Run the migrations:

php artisan migrate


This package doesn't come with any pre-made templates. Simply replace the published resources/view/vendor/nova-events/show.blade.php view, or create new templates inside the resources/view/vendor/nova-events/templates folder. When more than one template exists, a select option will be displayed on within nova where you can select the template for the event.



If you want more control, you can specify which Nova Resources and Models to use. Because of the way nova reads the model from a static veriable, you must provide your own custom resource if you choose to use a custom model.

// config/nova-events.php

'models' => [
    'event' => 'App\Event',
'resources' => [
    'event' => 'App\Nova\Event',

Nova Resource Group

This will change the group name in the Nova admin sidebar.

'group' => 'Events',


All event routing is included under the /events slug.

Factories & Seeders

This package comes with pre-made factories and seeders. Should you wish to use them in your application, simply call the seeder or use the factory provided.

// database/seeds/DatabaseSeeder.php

public function run()