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A simple approach to interacting with Airtables.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require tapp/laravel-airtable

Publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Tapp\Airtable\AirtableServiceProvider"

Define airtables account information in .env:

  • AIRTABLE_KEY can be retrieved here:
  • AIRTABLE_BASE can be found here:, select base then copy from URL:[Base Is Here]/api/docs#curl/introduction
  • AIRTABLE_TABLE can be found in the docs for the appropriate base, this is not case senstive. IE: tasks
  • AIRTABLE_TYPECAST set this to true to allow automatic casting.

Example Config

If you need to support multiple tables, add them to the tables config in the config/airtable.php

    'tables' => [

        'default' => [
            'name' => env('AIRTABLE_TABLE', 'Main'),

        'companies' => [
            'name' => env('AIRTABLE_COMPANY_TABLE', 'Companies'),


Import the facade in your class.

use Airtable;

Get records from that table

  • This will only return the first 100 records due to Airtable page size limiation

Get all records from that table.

  • This will get all records by sending multiple requests until all record are fetched.
  • Optional Parameter which is the delay between requests in microseconds as API is limited to 5 requests per second per base, defaults to 0.2 second.
Airtable::table('tasks')->all(500000); // 0.5 seconds

Get one record from the default table.


Filter records

  • First argument is the column name
  • Second argument is the operator or the value if you want to use equal '=' as an operator.
  • Third argument is the value of the filter
Airtable::where('id', '5')->get();
Airtable::where('id', '>', '5')->get();

First or Create

  • First argument will be used for finding existing
  • Second argument is additional data to save if no results are found and we are creating (will not be saved used if item already exists)
Airtable::firstOrCreate(['name' => 'myName'], ['field' => 'myField']);

Update or Create

  • First argument will be used to find existing
  • Second argument is additional data to save when we create or update
Airtable::updateOrCreate(['name' => 'myName'], ['field' => 'myField']);

Airtable::table('companies')->firstOrCreate(['Company Name' => $team->name]);


  • First argument will be the id
  • Second argument is the whole record including the updated fields

Note: Update is destructive and clear all unspecified cell values if you did not provide a value for them. use PATCH up update specified fields

Airtable::table('companies')->update('rec5N7fr8GhDtdNxx', [ 'name' => 'Google', 'country' => 'US']);


  • First argument will be the id
  • Second argument is the field you would like to update
Airtable::table('companies')->patch('rec5N7fr8GhDtdNxx', ['country' => 'US']);


composer test


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