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Add YAML file support to Laravel Configuration

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2.1 2015-10-19 12:24 UTC


This package uses Symfony/Yaml parser.


Add "devitek/yaml-configuration": "2.*" to your composer.json by running :

php composer.phar require devitek/yaml-configuration

And select version : 2.*

Add support in Laravel

You have to add (or merge)

protected function bootstrappers()
    return array_merge($this->bootstrappers, [\\Devitek\\Core\\Config\\LoadYamlConfiguration::class]);

to your app/Http/Kernel.php and/or app/Console/Kernel.php.

How to use

Just use regular php files or use yml or yaml files instead.



return [
    'debug' => false,
    'key' => 'foobar',

Will be equivalent to :


debug: false
key: foobar

Use functions

You can use any php functions like that :

routes_file: %app_path%/routes.php
unit_test: %base_path:behat.yml%
something: %sprintf:hell %s,world%

Enjoy it ! Feel free to fork :) !