Projects for the voyager admin panel.

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v0.1.2 2020-01-06 03:50 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-29 23:51:36 UTC


This package provides a basic model and views for the laravel voyager admin panel.

Note: This package does not use the hooks extension management from voyager.


You can install this package using composer.

composer require tjventurini/voyager-projects 

This package needs to have the voyager.prefix settings available in the voyager configuration file. Put the following to the top of your voyager configuration file configuration.

return [

    | Voyager Prefix
    | The global voyager prefix (eg. `admin`). Make sure that it is the same
    | slug, as in voyager.user.redirect setting below.
    'prefix' => 'admin',


After updating the voyager configuration, you can just call the install command of this package.

php artisan voyager-projects:install

If you want to install voyager or the demo content with it, you can add the following flags.

php artisan voyager-projects:install --voyager --demo

If you ever need to republish all assets of this package, you can use the --force flag for that.

php artisan voyager-projects:install --force

Of course you can combine all of these flags.

Projects Widget

The project widget is a small utility, that helps you select the project scope you want to work with and save it to the session. To add it to the voyager navigation, just copy the following line into your resources/views /vendor/voyager/dashboard/sidebar.blade.php file inside of your voyager resources.

    <!-- past this line in around line 30, just before the adminmenu container -->
<div id="adminmenu">

Now you should have a drop-down item in the navigation of your voyager admin panel. There you can select the project you want to work in.