This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Get and save json data from anywhere.

0.1 2015-07-14 11:47 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2015-08-08 10:10:55 UTC


require "vendor/autoload.php";

// You can use a one fit all json() function
json($resource, $save_to_file = null, $create_file = true);

// Get the data
$data = getJson('');        //API resource
$data = getJson('data/content.json');                              //FILE resource
$data = getJson('{"name":"Oussama Elgoumri"}');                    //JSON_STRING resource

var_dump($data['name']);                                        //Access json as you normally do with PHP

// Save the data
saveJson('', 'output/target_file.json');        //from API resource
saveJson('data/content.json', 'output/target_file.json');                              //from FILE resource
saveJson('{"name":"Oussama Elgoumri"}', 'output/target_file.json');                    //from JSON_STRING resource

// And of course, you can save data to a file directly from an array in php
$data = ['name' => 'Oussama Elgoumri'];
saveJson($data, 'output/target_file.json');

Get json data from any resource, and make it ready to be used from php. Directly save json data from any resource, to a file. Just pass the resource location, Json will take care of the rest.


composer require devgol/json

Supported resources

  • API Any publicly available api.
  • FILE Any json file on your computer.
  • JSON_STRING make a json string in your php code ready to be parsed.


  • Validate json on the fly.
  • Get json from anywhere.
  • Save json from anywhere to a file.
  • No api to memorise, just getJson($resource) and saveJson($resource, $target_file, $rewrite = true)

Advanced usage

 * json start by evaluating the resource, and fall back in this order if the resource is not valid
 * api -> file -> json_string, so for eg. if you are sure that the resource is API and you want some feedback
 * if it's not available, then:
try {
    $data = json(['' => 'api']);
} catch( ... ) {
    // throw: NotApiResourceException - if the resource can not be accessed.
    // throw: ResourceIsNotJsonException - if the resource does not have json content.

 * in case you want to save json content to file, but you don't want the file to be created
 * if it does not exist, then:
try {
    json('{"name":"Oussama Elgoumri"}', 'target_file.txt', false);
} catch ( ... ) {
    // throw: SaveToFileNotFoundException - if the target file does not exists