Geniem WP Project Bells & Whistles

1.7.0 2021-10-05 11:55 UTC


This WordPress mu-plugin is a collection of fixes and configurations for Geniem WordPress projects. A mu-plugin ensures that all functionalities get executed at an early stage of the WordPress bootstrap process and execution order can be controlled by using WordPress actions and filters.


The boilerplate plugin works as a WordPress mu-plugin but requires the Bedrocks' mu-plugin autoloader. Install the plugin with Composer:

$ composer require devgeniem/wp-geniem-project-bells-and-whistles


  • Composer setup for WordPress plugins
  • PSR-4 autoloading for namespace \Geniem\Project in the src/ directory.

Feature classes


Disables the periodical admin email verification that was introduced in WordPress version 5.3.


Fixes the date format in the WP Stream plugin database queries to make it work with Geniem's databases.

Disabling a feature class

To disable a feature defined in a specific class, add its class name without the namespace into the following constant in your WordPress configuration file (e.g. wp-config.php):



This plugin is intended to contain various fixes and WP bootstrapping features that should be added, updated or removed as needed.

Adding a feature

  1. Add a class for the feature into the src/ directory following the PSR-4 namespace convention.
  2. Add the function' class name into the $classes array in plugin.php. The class is instantiated automatically.
  3. Test the feature well
  4. Update the changelog and create a pull request


Encapsulate your features well meaning fixes and configurations for a specific WordPress feature or plugin are done in one class. This keeps the repository clean and easy to maintain.