A package to support logging via email in Laravel

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A service provider to add support for logging via email using Laravels built-in mail provider


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Installation using composer:

composer require designmynight/laravel-log-mailer

Laravel version Compatibility

Laravel Package
5.6.x 1.0.x

And add the service provider in config/app.php:


For usage with Lumen, add the service provider in bootstrap/app.php.



Most configuration options can be automatically populated by environment variables or in config/mailablelog.php, to generate it run php artisan vendor:publish.

To ensure all unhandled exceptions are mailed, set up a mail logging channel and add it to your logging stack in config/logging.php:

'channels' => [
    'stack' => [
        'driver' => 'stack',
        // Add mail to the stack:
        'channels' => ['single', 'mail'],

    // ...

    // Create a mail logging channel:
    'mail' => [
        'driver' => 'mail',
        // Specify who to mail the log to
        'to' => [
                'address' => '',
                'name' => 'Error'
        // Optionally specify who the log mail was sent by
        // This is overidable in config/mailablelog.php and
        // falls back to your global from in config/mail.php
        'from' => [
            'address' => '',
            'name' => 'Errors'
        // Optionally overwrite the mailable template
        // 'mailable' => NewLogMailable::class

You can specify multiple channels and change the recipients and customise the email template per channel.