Two-factor authentication with a YubiKey OTP

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What is it?

This extension is an authentication service for TYPO3 which extends the frontend and backend login process by strong two-factor authentication.

What does it do?

The two-factor authentication is provided by a TYPO3 users username and password combined with a OTP (one time password) which is generated by a YubiKey (a physical USB-key)

A YubiKey enabled user has to enter his username, password and a OTP to login to TYPO3s backend and/or frontend.

More information about the YubiKey, Yubico and the YubiCloud OTP validation service can be found at


You can find a detailed documentation in the Documentation folder of the TYPO3 extension.

Support and updates

The extension is hosted on GitHub. Please report feedback, bugs and changerequest directly at