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Adds a relation field for content elements to events

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2.0.1 2023-06-29 17:25 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-30 00:48:48 UTC


This TYPO3 extension extends sf_event_mgt to support content element relations in event records. When installed, it is possible to assign various content elements to event records as shown on the screenshot below.

Content element relation


  • Install the extension either via composer (recommended) or the TYPO3 Extension Manager
  • Include the static TypoScript "Event management and registration - Content elements"
  • Modify your templates as shown in the next section

Required template changes

In every template, where related content elements of an event should be shown, it is required to use the EventContentElements ViewHelper. To do so, register the ViewHelpers of this extension in the HTML element and use the ViewHelper to hand over the content element uids of the given event to TypoScript content element rendering.


<html xmlns:f=""
  <f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath="lib.tx_sfeventmgt.contentElementRendering">{ece:eventContentElements(event: event)}</f:cObject>

Recommended settings

Since content elements related to an event will be shown in the list and the page module, it is highly recommended to set "Contains Plugin" to "Events" for the folder(s) containing event records.

Folder Settings

This setting will hide related content elements in the list and page module.

Thanks for sponsoring

Thanks a lot to MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG for sponsoring the initial development of this extension and for supporting open source software.