This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the package instead.

Shoehorns Twig template compiling into Drupal 7.

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1.0.0-alpha1 2017-01-03 18:19 UTC


Shoehorns Twig template compiling into Drupal 7. Especially useful when you already have twig templates rendering your components in another system (e.g., an external styleguide) and don't want to re-implement everything in PHPTemplate.


Download the Twig library

This project depends on the Twig PHP library, which can be installed one of three ways:

  1. Composer Manager* (recommended)
  2. Composer
  3. Libraries API*

via Composer Manager

This is the recommended installation method. Install the Composer Manager module* and follow its installation instructions to generate your composer.json and download your vendor dependencies. No extra work is required beyond the steps outlined in the Composer Manager project.

or via Composer

Follow the installation instructions for the main Composer project, then cd into this module's directory (probably sites/all/modules/contrib/twigshim) and run composer install.

or via Libraries API

Install the Libraries API module* and download the Twig library into your libraries directory (probably sites/all/libraries).

Install the Twig Shim module

Follow the normal Drupal module installation procedure.*

*For instructions on installing Drupal modules, see the documention.


If your templates live anywhere other than in the templates subdirectory of your default theme, visit /admin/conig/development/twigshim and set the appropriate path. All your template references resolve relative to this path. Do not include leading or trailing slashes.

The main Twig Shim function is twigshim_render(). Call this with your template path (relative to the templates directory you just set) and an optional array of variables to be used in the template. Example:

 * Implements hook_block_view().
function mymodule_block_view($delta = '') {
  switch ($delta) {

    // Render the header block.
    case 'myblock':
      return twigshim_render('chrome/header.twig', array(
        'campaign'  => variable_get('mysite_current_campaign', 'Donate now!'),
        'hidePopup' => !user_is_anonymous(),

When rendering an entity, use the helper function twigshim_render_entity() to automatically pull each of the entity's fields and properties into the variables array. It strips field_ from the front of each key, facilitating the re-use of variables across both your style guide and implementation.

 * Implements theme_HOOK() for paragraphs_item__button().
function mytheme_paragraphs_item__button(&$vars) {

  // Get a wrapper for the button entity.
  $button = entity_metadata_wrapper('paragraphs_item', $vars['paragraphs_item']);

  // Set values for any fields that don't follow the standard format.
  $template_vars['href'] = $button->field_href->url->value();

  return twigshim_render_entity('paragraphs_item', $button, 'button/button.twig', $template_vars);

Note that it is the caller's responsibility to properly sanitize all variables before passing into Twig Shim. See the documentation on writing secure code and the sanitisation functions.