Rigid search bundle for Symfony

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0.7.1 2019-11-30 13:57 UTC


Provides a way to make entities searchable.

Searches will be sorted by relevance which is calculated using the weight you can configure to the fields you index.


Require the bundle using composer:

composer require demontpx/rigid-search-bundle

Usage: Making an entity searchable

Lets say we want to index a NewsItem entity:

class NewsItem {
    public function getId() { return $this->id; }
    public function getTitle() { return $this->title; }
    // ...

The first step is to create a new class which implements the SearchDocumentExtractorInterface. In here you define in which fields there needs to be searched and how important they are in relation to each other.

class NewsItemDocumentExtractor implements SearchDocumentExtractorInterface {
    public function extractDocument($item): Document {
        // $item should be of the type NewsItem
        // The title, description and URL you put in here are only used for display and link to the item
        // They are not searchable unless you add them as fields as well (see below!)
        $document = new Document(
        // These are the fields on which items can be found
        // The last argument are the weight values, which can be any relative number 
        $document->addField(new Field('title', $item->getTitle(), 1.0);
        $document->addField(new Field('text', $item->getText(), 0.8);
        $document->addField(new Field('category', $item->getCategoryName(), 0.2);
        $document->addField(new Field('tags', implode(' ', $item->getTagList()->toArray()), 0.25);
        return $document;
    public function extractId($item): int {
        return $item->getId();

Step two is to create another new class which implements the ItemSearchManagerInterface:

class NewsItemSearchManager implements ItemSearchManagerInterface {
    public function getClass(): string {
        // Classname of the entity
        return NewsItem::class;

    public function getType(): string {
        // Short arbitrary unique name to describe the entity
        return 'news';

    public function getDocumentExtractor(): SearchDocumentExtractorInterface {
        // Return the class created earlier
        // You could, of course, also inject the extractor into this class using the service container and pass it here
        return new NewsItemDocumentExtractor();

    public function fetchAll(): array {
        // This method should return all searchable items of this type (ie: only published news items)
        // This is used when reindexing all items of this type
        // You should figure out for yourself where these entities should come from
        // For example: get these from an EntityRepository
        return $this->repository->fetchAllPublished();

Register this class as a service in the container:

    tags: [demontpx_rigid_search.item_search_manager]

If everything is configured correctly, you should be able to index all news items using this command:

bin/console demontpx:search:reindex:type news

The next step is to trigger the index and remove manually when a news item is created, updated or removed. This could be achieved using events, or you could manually index and remove items from your search index in the controller:

class NewsItemController extends Controller {
    public function newAction() {
        $item = new NewsItem();
        // ... Do your persist logic here
        $searchManager = $this->get('demontpx_rigid_search.search_manager');
    public function editAction(NewsItem $item) {
        // ... Do your persist logic here
        $searchManager = $this->get('demontpx_rigid_search.search_manager');
    public function removeAction(NewsItem $item) {
        $oldId = $item->getId();
        // ... Do your remove logic here
        $searchManager = $this->get('demontpx_rigid_search.search_manager');
        // Doctrine ORM resets the item id to null after a delete, so you might want to use this:
        $searchManager->removeByClassAndId(get_class($item), $oldId);

Usage: Adding the search field and showing results

The first step is to add this to your routing.yaml:

    resource: "@DemontpxRigidSearchBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix:   /search

After that you could add this to any of your twig templates:

{{ render(controller('Demontpx\\RigidSearchBundle\\Controller\\SearchController::searchForm', {}, { query: app.request.query.get('query', '') })) }}

Which will add the search input field. When submitted, this will show the search result.

The search result page will extend the ::base.html.twig template by default. Override the whole template by creating app/Resources/DemontpxRigidSearchBundle/views/Search/searchResult.html.twig.