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Last update: 2021-04-29 01:18:28 UTC


This is a WordPress site setup using Composer that is primed and ready to be hosted using SpinupWP.

Inspired by Root's Bedrock and other Composer based setups.



  1. Create a new project:
    $ composer create-project deliciousbrains/spinupwp-composer-site
  2. Update environment variables in the .env file:
  • DB_NAME - Database name
  • DB_USER - Database user
  • DB_PASSWORD - Database password
  • DB_HOST - Database host
  • WP_ENV - Set to environment (development, staging, production)
  • WP_HOME - Full URL to WordPress home (
  • WP_SITEURL - Full URL to WordPress including subdirectory (
  1. Add theme(s) in public/content/themes/ as you would for a normal WordPress site
  2. Set the document root in SpinupWP's server settings to /public.
  3. Access WordPress admin at