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An OAuth2 API built using Bone MVC Framework and the Extraordinary League's OAuth2 Server

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An OAuth2 server built using Bone MVC Framework and the League of Extraordinary Package's OAuth2 Server lib.


composer create-project delboy1978uk/oauth2-api

Apache setup

Ensure your vhost is configured to run on a secure SSL port 443 connection.

Configure database credentials

Create a database with utf8mb4_unicode_ci
Go into the config folder, add db connection credentials for Bone MVC to use.
Also, edit migrant-cfg.php, and put connection details in there too.

Run database migrations

make sure vendor/bin is in your $PATH environment variables. Run:

migrant migrate

This will create several tables used by the OAuth2 library.

Set up Private & Public keys

See instructions here: Copy the keys to the data/keys/ directory.
There is a sample public and private key for quick setup on development machines. Just remove the .sample extension.

Test API Endpoint

You can test your API is available by calling /ping

{"pong":"2017-03-21 13:44:49"}

Registering a Client

Instructions will appear once I've built this!

Command Line Tool

We'll have a CLI tool soon too! Stay tuned!