PHP API for the Decred Cryptocurrency

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PHP API for the Decred Cryptocurrency


Add composer package to your project

composer require decred/decred-php-api

Make sure GMP PHP extesion is installed. In ubuntu:

sudo apt install php7.0-gmp

From repository

You also can clone git package with

git clone

But still you will need to fetch library dependencies with composer.

composer install --no-dev

Don't forget to include composer autoloader.

include __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

Usage examples

Library have wide functionality, so you could find usage examples in examples library or looking into PHPUnit tests.

Generating seed

First of all we need to get Network intance to start working with library.

$testnet = \Decred\TestNet::instance();

And mainnet accordingly

$mainnet = \Decred\MainNet::instance();

Now lets generate a seed, that will be also verified for usage on testnet. Defaut account and branch address will be derivded to verify the seed.

$seed = \Decred\Crypto\ExtendedKey::generateSeed($testnet);

HD Wallets

When we have usable seed we can create HD master key.

$master = \Decred\Crypto\ExtendedKey::newMaster($seed, $testnet);

newMaster method will return ExtendedKey object, that have variant API for working with HD wallets.


Derives HD private child key from parent HD private key, returns ExtendedKey object.


Derives HD hardened child key from parent HD private key, returns ExtendedKey object.

Can't be dervied from HD public key.


Derives HD public child key from parent HD private or public key, returns ExtendedKey object.


Verify that extended key is public, returns ExtendedKey object.

Default account

Using this basic methods we can derive default account HD private and public keys accourding to BIP44.

HD path (m\44'\42'\0')

$defaultAccountPrivateKey = $master

$defaultAccountPublicKey = $master->neuter();

ExtendedKey implements __toString() method, so you can easily get Base58 representation of HD key.

echo sprintf("Default account HD private key: %s\n", $defaultAccountPrivateKey);
echo sprintf("Default account HD public key: %s\n", $defaultAccountPublicKey);

From default account we can derive 0 branch and 0 index and the get default address.

$defaultAddress = $defaultAccountPublicKey

echo sprintf("Default address: %s\n", $defaultAddress);