Define and deploy Content Security Policies in your PHP application

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Content Security Policies for your PHP application.

Sanctum allows you to create and deploy Content Security Policies with ease. Take the guesswork out of this important security feature.

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composer require decodelabs/sanctum


Create your definition:

use DecodeLabs\Sanctum\Definition;

class MyCsp extends Definition {

    // These items can be reused in other directives
    const SHARED_SRC = [
        '@self', // Resolves to 'self'

    // These items create the default-src directive
    const DEFAULT_SRC = [
        '@shared-src', // Import items from SHARED_SRC

    // These define script sources
    const SCRIPT_SRC = [
        '@nonce', // Creates a unique nonce to be used in markup
        '@unsafe-inline', // Resolves to 'unsafe-inline'


    // These define image sources
    const IMG_SRC = [
        '@shared', // Import items from SHARED_SRC
        '@data', // Resolves to data: for data URLs
        '!*' // Exclude importing from SHARED_SRC

    // Report endpoint
    const REPORT_URI = '';

Please see for a full list of directives.

Then in your HTTP handler:

$csp = new MyCsp();

foreach($csp->exportHeaders() as $header => $value) {
    $response->setHeader($header, $value);

Reporting-Endpoints => sanctum-csp-report=""
Content-Security-Policy =>
    default-src 'self' *;
    script-src nonce-98b88fa48f23911d6fc1f5092efb2e36d76423ce4f5d7ef42765a2c2501d57c9' 'unsafe-inline' 'strict-dynamic' https: http:;
    img-src 'self' data: *;
    report-to sanctum-csp-report


Make use of the hash feature for scripts - see for explanation

$script = 'doSomething();'; // Your JS

// Adds sha256-xxx hash to CSP directive
$hash = $csp->hashContent($script, 'script-src');

Archetype loader

Sanctum also provides an optional Archetype loader:

namespace DecodeLabs\Sanctum\Definition;

use DecodeLabs\Sanctum\Definition;

class MyCsp extends Definition {}

$csp = Definition::load('MyCsp');

Archetype will look for implementations in the root namespace (DecodeLabs\Sanctum\Definition) by default. If you want to host your implementations in a different namespace, you should create and register a new Archetype resolver to find them.


Sanctum is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.