Parse, inspect and test IP addresses

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Parse, inspect and test IP addresses

Compass provides an accurate disassembly of both v4 and v6 IP addresses and the means to inspect and compare them.

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Install via Composer:

composer require decodelabs/compass


Parse IP strings, integers and binaries and inspect them:

use DecodeLabs\Compass\Ip;

$ip = Ip::parse('');

if($ip->isV4()) {
    // Do something

if($ip->isLoopback()) {
    // Do something else

$v6Hybrid = $ip->toV6(); // ::ffff:

$v6 = Ip::parse('fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:8329');

if($ip->isV6()) {
    // The future

Check to see if an IP is within a range:

if($ip->isIn('')) {} // CIDR
if($ip->isIn('')) {} // Netmask
if($ip->isIn('')) {} // Range
if($ip->isIn('')) {} // Relative range
if($ip->isIn('127.0.0.*')) {} // Wildcards

if($v6->isIn('fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:0/128')) {} // CIDR
if($v6->isIn('fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:0-fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:ffff')) {} // Range
if($v6->isIn('fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:0+9999')) {} // Relative range
if($v6->isIn('fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:*')) {} // Wildcards


Compass is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.