Easy filesystem and io functions

v0.11.3 2024-04-29 09:13 UTC


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Easy filesystem and IO functions for PHP

Atlas provides an easy and accessible interface to file system interaction. Read, write, copy and move files without breaking a sweat.

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Install via Composer:

composer require decodelabs/atlas



Atlas uses Veneer to provide a unified frontage under DecodeLabs\Atlas. You can access all the primary functionality via this static frontage without compromising testing and dependency injection.

Basic local filesystem functions

There are many standard filesystem functions represented by either File or Dir objects. See Context.php, File/Local.php and Dir/Local.php for the full list.

use DecodeLabs\Atlas;


Atlas::createDir('some/dir/path', 0770);


Atlas::gzFile('my/file.gz', 'w')
    ->write('hello world')

Dir scanning

Scan the contents of a folder with optional filtering.. Replace "scan" for "list" to return an array rather than a Generator:

use DecodeLabs\Atlas;

foreach(Atlas::scan('my/dir') as $name => $fileOrDir) {
    // All files and dirs in my/dir

foreach(Atlas::scanDirs('my/dir') as $name => $dir) {
    // All dirs in my/dir

foreach(Atlas::listFilesRecursive('my/dir', function($name, $file) {
    // Return true if you want the file to be output
    return $name !== 'BadFile.php';
}) as $name => $file) {
    // All files in all dirs in my/dir

See Fs.php or Dir/Local.php for all scanning options.

Channels & IO Broker

Looking for the IO Broker and Channel transfer interfaces?

This has been moved to its own project, Deliverance.

Mime types

Looking for the mime type detection stuff that used to be here?

This has been moved to its own project, Typify.


Atlas is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.