FAL remote adapter

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fal_remote is a TYPO3 Extension that provides a remote adapter the TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer (FAL).

What is it good for?

This adapter can be used in development or testing systems where you want to use the contents from the live system.

How to use it

  1. Install the Extension (just clone it, not yet in TER) on the client (dev) and the server (production).
  2. Adjust the Extension configuration of fal_dummy:
  • On the remote: enable the Server functionality
  • On the client: configure the URL to the remote TYPO3 installation.
  1. Set the driver of your storage(s) to "Remote"
  2. In the storage you need to set an alternative processing folder in a storage that allows write access (e.g. 0:/typo3temp/processed/). The folder must exist on the file system.

Important! The encryption keys must be identical on both TYPO3 instances, otherwise the hash validation will fail.