Makes Bootstrap framework integration easier and provides utility view helpers and classes for JS loading and resource handling.

dev-master 2017-10-24 09:13 UTC


This package provides some view helpers and utility functions for TYPO3 Flow that can make Frontend development easier.

The default ouput of the view helpers is optimized to work with the [Bootstrap] ( framework (therefore the name) but can be useful with other frameworks or custom styles as well.


This is a brief overview over the components this package provides.

View helpers

This package comes with a bunch of view helpers that hopefully make your life a bit easier. Please remember to register the namespace if you want to use them:

{namespace bs=De\SWebhosting\Bootstrap\ViewHelpers}

Here is a brief overview about the available view helpers. You can find detailed descriptions of each of them in the Documentation/ViewHelpers folder.

Name Purpose
form.inlineHelpOrErrors Displays [inline help] ( or error messages for a form element.
form.validatedControlGroup Displays a form group with [classes depending on validation errors] (
format.trimWhiteSpaceBetweenHtml Removes all whitespace between HTML elements.
javaScript.append Appends content to the JavaScript container, see section "JavaScript container" below.
javaScript.render Renders contents of the JavaScript container, see section "JavaScript container" below.
resource.collectionUri Renders the public URI to a resource within a custom collection. Requires [TYPO3 Flow patch] (!
widget.autocomplete A widget to enable autocompletion for an input field. Requires [jQuery UI] (!
widget.paginate The paginate widget with modified classes to work with Bootstrap.
menuItem A HTML container (div) that changes its classes depending on the active controller / actions.

JavaScript container

The idea behind the JavaScript container is to provide a central container where components can register JavaScript code they need which can then be rendered by template designers using a view helper.

You can either add JavaScript code to the container or a file that should be included with a script tag.

It is also possible to manage multipe sections that should be rendered in different places (e.g. header and footer).

Resource handling

This package provides the \De\SWebhosting\Bootstrap\Resource\ReadOnlyDirectoryStorage. This storage can be used to publish any local directory together with the \Neos\Flow\Resource\Target\FileSystemSymlinkTarget.

Create your custom collection to publish a Frontend library that you have loaded with composer and use the ```resource.collectionUri`` view helper to retrieve the matching URL to include the library in your layouts.


This package currently provides the following partials:

Partial Purpose
ErrorList This partial can be used for debugging purposes. It prints all validations errors in a flat list.
FlashMessages This partial renders all available flash messages in Bootstrap compatible containers / classes.

To use those partials in your application you need to add the partials path of the De.SWebhosting.Bootstrap package in the Views.yml configuration file.