XmlSecLibs (latest fork of original repo)

0.1.1 2015-05-20 15:11 UTC

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Based on robrichards/xmlseclibs

Quote from source repo:

xmlseclibs is a library written in PHP for working with XML Encryption and Signatures.
xmlseclibs requires PHP version 5 or greater.
The author of xmlseclibs is Rob Richards.
xmlseclibs is being used in many different software, one of them is simpleSAMLphp. 
Mailing List: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/xmlseclibs

What's new?

  1. Only PHP 5.3+, no 5.0 legacy
  2. PSR-0 compatible
  3. Stable Composer package available composer require ddvzwzjm/xmlseclibs
  4. PHPUnit instead of ancient .phpt
  5. Travis CI and better Code Coverage (67% vs 53%)
  6. Examples (tbd)
  7. Docs (tbd)

PHPUnit Tests

To run tests

composer install --dev
vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.xml.dist