Validate VAT identification numbers

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A small PHP library for validating VAT identification numbers (VATINs).


This library is available on Packagist:

$ composer require ddeboer/vatin

If you want to use this library in a Symfony application, you can use the VatinBundle instead.


Validate a VAT number’s format:

use Ddeboer\Vatin\Validator;

$validator = new Validator;
$bool = $validator->isValid('NL123456789B01');

Additionally check whether the VAT number is in use, with a call to the [VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)] (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/faq.html#item_16) SOAP web service:

use Ddeboer\Vatin\Validator;

$validator = new Validator;
$bool = $validator->isValid('NL123456789B01', true);