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Note: This repository is part of Dazzle Project - the next-gen library for PHP. The project's purpose is to provide PHP developers with a set of complete tools to build functional async applications. Please, make sure you read the attached README carefully and it is guaranteed you will be surprised how easy to use and powerful it is. In the meantime, you might want to check out the rest of our async libraries in Dazzle repository for the full extent of Dazzle experience.



Dazzle ZMQ is a component that implements asynchronous ZMQ socket handling for PHP.

Feature Highlights

Dazzle ZMQ features:

  • Asynchronous handling of incoming and outcoming messages,
  • Support for ZeroMQ extension and ZeroMQ protocols,
  • ...and more.

Provided Example(s)






Dazzle ZMQ requires:

  • PHP-5.6 or PHP-7.0+,
  • UNIX or Windows OS,
  • PHP ext-zmq.


To install this library make sure you have composer installed, then run following command:

$> composer require dazzle-php/zmq


Tests can be run via:

$> vendor/bin/phpunit -d memory_limit=1024M


Versioning of Dazzle libraries is being shared between all packages included in Dazzle Project. That means the releases are being made concurrently for all of them. On one hand this might lead to "empty" releases for some packages at times, but don't worry. In the end it is far much easier for contributors to maintain and -- what's the most important -- much more straight-forward for users to understand the compatibility and inter-operability of the packages.


Thank you for considering contributing to this repository!


Dazzle Framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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