A PHP implementation of OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) 2014B specifications

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A PHP implementation of OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) 2014B specifications.

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Word of Warning

I've attempted to create this project using a xsd2php converter. However, the quality of generated code is somewhat degraded as you can see in the badges

  • full namespaces in all methods declarations, instead of importing the classes before the class
  • not checking if an index is set before accessing it and another error prone constructions
  • some classes are really complex due to a lot of set/get/isset/unset methods
  • not supporting declared enum types

I will create a xsd to php software on my own for doing this in the future as I haven't found any really good one. Meanwhile, I suggest NOT USING this package yet.


This package can be installed via Composer by requiring the davispeixoto/opentravel-alliance package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "davispeixoto/opentravel-alliance": "~1.0"

And running a composer update from your terminal:

php composer.phar update



More Information


This software is licensed under the MIT license


This project follows the Semantic Versioning


An amazing "Thank you, guys!" for Jetbrains folks, who kindly empower this project with a free open-source license for PhpStorm which can bring a whole new level of joy for coding.