A dark theme for Laravel Nova

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A dark theme for Laravel Nova to save your tired eyes 👀

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Dark Theme Toggle Switch


First use composer to pull in the project:

composer require david-griffiths/nova-dark-theme

(Remember that you can install multiple themes with Nova. So you don't have to choose between this and another.)

Next you need to activate dark mode. To help you, there are several convenience commands included...

Add/Remove Toggle Switch From Menu

This is probably what you're looking for, as it lets you easily turn on dark mode at night.


php artisan nova-dark-theme:add-switch

If you've not made an over-writeable copy of Nova's user menu (the one in the top right), this command does that first of all. Then it adds the Vue component, which will look like this:

                label="{{ __('Dark Theme') }}"

To remove the switch from your menu, you could edit the file yourself, or run this:

php artisan nova-dark-theme:remove-switch

Set Dark Mode On/Off By Default

This can be used with the toggle switch or without it. If you're not using the toggle switch then when you set dark mode ON, it will stay on and not be changeable by users. If you are using the switch, then the below commands will only set the theme state when the page first loads. The user will then be able to flip the switch whenever they like.

php artisan nova-dark-theme:on

php artisan nova-dark-theme:off

These commands add or remove a css class called nova-dark-theme from the HTML tag in Nova's main layout template. Again, we copy this file to your resources directory (if you've not done so already) before making the change.

(❗ You might need to run php artisan view:clear or php artisan view:cache before seeing the results)

How The CSS Works

We use a css filter to invert the colors, then some manual tweaks for the sidebar and logo areas. So white becomes black, which you should keep in mind when adding any custom css colors.

Code Fields

One item it doesn't style for you is the Nova Code field. I don't want impose a CodeMirror theme on you when you can pick one from here and set it like this:

Code::make('MyTextField')->options(['theme' => 'base16-light'])

(❗ Remember to pick a light coloured CodeMirror theme if you want it to appear dark in Nova after the colors get inverted)


MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more.