Generate static HTML/JSON files from Laravel routes

v0.2.0 2014-09-23 14:14 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-21 01:03:07 UTC


Generate static HTML or JSON files from Laravel routes.

This was developed for use with small data visualisation-type applications where it is not required to deploy a full PHP app with a database. Instead, a front-end-only version with data held as JSON can be used. I have needed to use HTML-only versions of Laravel apps often enough that this package made sense.

Setup & Usage


  • Add 'Davekelly\StaticGenerator\StaticGeneratorServiceProvider', to the end of the providers array in /app/config/app.php
  • You will need to create a writable directory at /public/static - this is where the static files are placed


Usage is through a front-end interface. The package adds a route to /generate where you will find this interface.

If you generate a static version of a Route that returns a JSON response, the file will have a .json extension, otherwise, it will be .html.

  • Visit http://your.domain/generate to see a list of Routes registered in your application
  • Click the button next to the Route you'd like to generate a static file for
  • If successful, the .html or .json file will be stored in /public/static - you'll be shown a confirmation message with the location & file-name.


Future To-Do's / Improvements

  • Create an Artisan CLI interface
  • Look at filtered routes


v0.2 - Creates html nested directories mimicking route structure (e.g. route: /about/contact saved to /static/about/contact/index.html) - based on idea from pulkitjalan