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What is it?

Montserrat is to Behat what Aruba is to Cucumber. It's an extension for Command line applications written in any programming language. I'll be trying to add as much of aruba's functionality as I can on an ongoing basis.


The only documented way to install montserrat is with composer

$ composer.phar require --dev davedevelopment/montserrat:* 


Add the extension to your behat.yml file:


In your FeatureContext constructor, add montserrat as a context (traits coming soon):

    public function __construct(array $parameters)
        $this->useContext('montserrat', new Behat\Montserrat\Context\MontserratContext());

Write your features:

Feature: ls
    In order to examine files in directory
    As a terminal user
    I need to list the files

    Scenario: ls shows files
        Given an empty file named "foo/bar"
        When I run `ls foo`
        Then the output should contain "bar"

To see a full list of available steps, see the features, or use behat's -dl switch:

$ vendor/bin/behat -dl


Fork it, branch it, check Aruba to see how they do it, implement it and pull request for great good.


Copyright (c) 2012 Dave Marshall. See LICENCE for further details