External Artisan provides artisan tools for non-laravel projects

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Forked from dosjein/external_artisan and made usable.

Artisan the task runner in Laravel. This library makes it easy to use artisan commands in your own projects.

Installation with Composer

curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php
php composer.phar require darunada/external-artisan
  "require": {


####Installation To use this library, copy the ./artisan file to your project root.


  • $ php artisan list will display a list of available commands.
  • $ php artisan help [command] will display help text for the command

The Artisan Page for Laravel 5.3 may present you with some options of how to use this library.

####Creating Commands By default I put my commands in ./commands. You can override the path to commands in the artisan file.

Any available commands need to be registered with Artisan. This is done in Darunada\Console\ArtisanKernel and will load a config.php file located in your commands folder.

To autoload all classes in the commands file, add the following to your composer.json

  "autoload": {
    "classmap": [

Service Injection

Service injection doesn't work. Instead, a Pimple Container is passed into the Command constructor with the things you might need.

I will add services to this list as I need them. Or, feel free to add your own. You can also instantiate them yourself inside your commands.

  • $container['filesystem'] is an Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem
  • $container['database'] is a Medoo\Medoo Documentation I don't really love it, though

These services are provided in \Darunada\Console\InitArtisan

/** @var Medoo */
private $database;

public function __construct($container)
    $this->database = $container['database'];


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