Zomato php api client

0.2 2018-12-17 19:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-11-18 03:51:06 UTC


Zomato api client written in PHP. Supports Zomato APIv2.1.


Just use composer.

composer require darkling/php-zomato-client


// Create request
$request = new RestaurantRequest(16506740); // restaurant ID
// OR
//$request = RestaurantRequest::createFromParameters(['res_id' => 16506740]);
// Name of parameters must respect name of parameters in zomato api documentation

// Create client
// You can choose from three possible output options (JSON_STRING, JSON_ARRAY, JSON_STD_CLASS)
$client = new ZomatoClient('userApiKey', ResponseOption::get(ResponseOption::JSON_STRING));

// Send request and get response
$response = $client->send($request);

// Handle response
if ($response->isOk()) {
} else {


List of available requests:

  • /categories Get list of Categories -> Not implemented
  • /cities Get city details -> Not implemented
  • /collections Get Zomato collections in a city -> Not implemented
  • /cuisines Get list of all cuisines in a city -> Not implemented
  • /establishments Get list of restaurant types in a city -> Not implemented
  • /geocode Get location details based on coordinates -> Not implemented
  • /location_details Get Zomato location details -> Not implemented
  • /locations Search for locations -> Not implemented
  • /dailymenu Get daily menu of a restaurant -> DailyMenuRequest
  • /restaurant Get restaurant details -> RestaurantRequest
  • /reviews Get restaurant reviews -> ReviewsRequest
  • /search Search for restaurants -> SearchRequest

If you need to use some of the request which is not currently implemented, you are welcome to send PR :-)


If you are looking for integration to Nette Framework just use this package daaarkling/nette-zomato-client.


New BSD License