Laravel Countries is a bundle for Laravel, providing Almost ISO 3166_2, 3166_3, currency, Capital and more for all countries. Bug kudos to Christoph Kempen, on whose work this package is heavily based (webpatser/laravel-countries).

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Laravel Countries is a bundle for Laravel, providing ISO 3166_2, 3166_3, currency, capitals and more for all countries.

This package has been forked from bhuvidya/laravel-countries.


Add dariusiii/laravel-countries to your app:

$ composer require "dariusiii/laravel-countries


You can elect to manage your own configuration. This is an optional step, it only contains the table name and does not need to be altered. If the default table name countries suits you, leave it. Otherwise run the following command

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider='DariusIII\Countries\CountriesServiceProvider' --tag=config

The config file can then be found at config/countries.php.


The service provider automatically adds the package's migrations to your app.


There is a seeding module in the package. You can either run the seeder manually from the command line:

$ php artisan db:seed --class='DariusIII\Countries\CountriesSeeder'

Otherwise you can add it to one of your app's database seeder files, probably database/seeds/DatabaseSeeder.php:

use DariusIII\Countries\CountriesSeeder;

 * Run the database seeds.
 * @return void 
public function run()