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A PSR-15 application kernel to handle PSR-7 requests by returning PSR-7 responses

dev-master 2022-02-03 16:55 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-29 03:52:23 UTC


An event based PSR-15 RequestHandlerInterface to handle PSR-7 ServerRequests by returning a PSR-7 Response


install via composer

    "require": {
        "dariorieke/kernel": "dev-master"

Running tests

run tests with the following command

./vendor/bin/phpunit .\tests


To construct the kernel, you have to provide:

the linked repos include the interface as well as a basic implementation.

use DarioRieke\Kernel\Kernel;

$kernel = new Kernel(

$psr7Response = $kernel->handle($psr7Request);

Event based response handling

The kernel uses the provided EventDispatcher to dispatch different events to handle the response generation. The following steps show the strategie which is used to generate the response:

1. incoming request

When the request enters the kernel, the first event dispatched via the EventDispatcher is the DarioRieke\Kernel\Event\RequestEvent event. You can return a response at this point of the kernels workflow by calling the RequestEvent's setResponse method from an event handler.

2. matching a route / resolving the controller

The second step is to determine the "controller" to handle the request, this is done via the RouterInterface. Then the CallableResolver will resolve your controller and return an actual callable. When the callable has been resolved, the DarioRieke\Kernel\Event\ControllerEvent event will be dispatched. This event allows you to change the controller via the events setController method before it is actually called.

3. Resolving the controller arguments

Now that we have an actual callable, it probably needs some arguments too. This task is delegated to the ArgumentResolverInterface. When the arguments have been successfully resolved, the DarioRieke\Kernel\Event\ControllerArgumentsEvent will be dispatched. To alter the arguments passed to the controller, use the events setArguments method.

4. Calling the controller

The controller will now be called with the provided arguments. Typically the controller should return a PSR-7 ResponseInterface. If that is the case, the DarioRieke\Kernel\Event\ResponseEvent will be dispatched which lets you alter the response right before it is returned via the events setResponse method.

If the controller does not return a ResponseInterface, an optional event will be dispatched, the DarioRieke\Kernel\Event\ViewEvent. This event is responsible for turning the controllers return value into an actual ResponseInterface via the events setResponse method.

Handling exceptions

If something goes wrong and an uncaught \Exception occurs, the DarioRieke\Kernel\Event\ExceptionEvent will be dispatched. This way you can turn the exception into a Response to display the error, again via the events setResponse method. The kernel provides some Exceptions which map to HTTP Status Codes, for example DarioRieke\Kernel\Exception\Http\NotFoundException.