A standard setup for the Phalcon php framework.

v1.2 2014-12-04 07:35 UTC


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A Skeleton project that has an already working test suite with travis setup and Composer integration.

How to install

Simply run composer create-project danzabar/phalcon-starter project-directory --prefer-source


In your project base, running phpunit will run unit tests, there is already an example test setup in there.

There is also a base controller and an example controller.


Modules can be added in the app/config/modules.php file, I have included a constant for the vendor directory, as I think modules are best served as composer packages. Although you are always free to make a directory and create modules specific to your app.


I have a seperate package Danzabar\Phalcon-CLI that improves the usability of the CLI. To run the CLI go to the root and run php cli Task:action params. Theres more Documentation about the features of the CLI package on its own repo.