PHP implementation of python's struct module.

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Licensed under MIT.

PHP implementation of Python's struct module.

This library was created to help me develop a client for the mtproto protocol.
It supports php 5.6, php 7 and HHVM.

The functions and the formats are exactly the ones used in python's struct (https://docs.python.org/3/library/struct.html)

This library can be used to pack/unpack strings, ints, floats, chars and bools into bytes. It has lots of advantages over PHP's native implementation of pack and unpack, such as:

  • Custom byte endianness.
  • Lots of useful formats that aren't present in the native implementation.
  • The syntax of the format string of pack and unpack is the same as in python's struct module.
  • The result of unpack is normal numerically indexed array that starts from 0 like it should.
  • The result of unpack has type casted values (int for integer formats, bool for boolean formats, float for float formats and string for all of the other formats).
  • The calcsize function is implemented.
  • The q and Q formats can be used even on 32 bit systems (the downside is limited precision).
  • Padding is supported for the @ modifier.

For now custom byte size may not work properly on certain machines for the f and d formats.


Install using composer:

composer require danog/phpstruct


Dynamic (recommended)

$struct = new \danog\PHP\StructClass();
$pack = $struct->pack("2cxi", "ab", 44);
$unpack = $struct->unpack("2cxi", $pack);
$count = $struct->calcsize("2cxi");

Dynamic (while specifying format string during istantiation)

$struct = new \danog\PHP\StructClass("2cxi");
$pack = $struct->pack("ab", 44);
$unpack = $struct->unpack($pack);
$count = $struct->size;
$formatstring = $struct->format;


$pack = \danog\PHP\Struct::pack("2cxi", "ab", 44);
$unpack = \danog\PHP\Struct::unpack("2cxi", $pack);
$count = \danog\PHP\Struct::calcsize("2cxi");

Daniil Gentili