Use laminas-escaper with sprintf like function.

2.0.0 2022-06-14 18:46 UTC

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Last update: 2022-09-17 21:17:39 UTC


sprintf mixed with Laminas escaper.

All placeholder strings must be explicitly labeled as to what type of escaping they will have done to them, so you can see in the source string if the correct escaping is done for the string location.


    $string = "<span class=':attr_class'>:html_message</span>";
    $params = [
        ':attr_class' => 'warning',
        ':html_message' => 'foo bar'
    echo esprintf($string, $params);

Supported escapers


All go through to the relevant Zend Escaper method.


Allow a raw string to be used, for when the string has already been escaped.