TadoApi is an unofficial TADO (tm) SDK implementation for PHP (only read only methods)

0.9.2 2023-08-07 12:38 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-07 14:09:36 UTC


TadoApi is an unofficial TADO (tm) SDK implementation for PHP. I implemented this as a metrics exporter, so at this time I only implemented readonly methods, so you cannot change your thermostat temperature.

It's working for me, may be this is also ok for you. Like any other open source software, the author cannot assume any warranty.


composer require dam2k/tadoapi

Public Methods

The implemented and exported public methods are given below. They are self explicative.

For me getHomeMetrics() is the most useful, because it aggregates some of the informations useful if you need a metric exporter. It will fetch all your zones details and states along with all your devices:

Temperatures, humidity, battery, firmware versions, serial numbers, models, etc in a single json.

public function getMe(): \stdClass
public function getHome(string $homeId = ""): \stdClass
public function getWeather(string $homeId = ""): \stdClass
public function getDevices(string $homeId = ""): array
public function getInstallations(string $homeId = ""): array
public function getUsers(string $homeId = ""): array
public function getMobiles(string $homeId = ""): array
public function getMobileSettings(string $homeId = "", string $deviceId): \stdClass
public function getZones(string $homeId = ""): array
public function getZoneStates(string $homeId = ""): \stdClass
public function getZoneState(string $homeId = "", string $zoneId): \stdClass
public function getZoneCapabilities(string $homeId = "", string $zoneId): \stdClass
public function getZoneEarlyStart(string $homeId = "", string $zoneId): \stdClass
public function getZoneOverlay(string $homeId = "", string $zoneId): \stdClass
public function getZoneScheduleActiveTimetable(string $homeId = "", string $zoneId): \stdClass
public function getZoneScheduleAway(string $homeId = "", string $zoneId): \stdClass
public function identifyDevice(string $homeId = "", string $deviceId): \stdClass
public function getTemperatureOffset(string $homeId = "", string $deviceId): \stdClass
public function getHomeState(string $homeId = ""): \stdClass
public function isAnyoneAtHome(string $homeId = ""): bool
public function getHomeMetrics(string $homeId = ""): \stdClass

Example of usage

use dAm2K\TadoApi;
require "vendor/autoload.php";

$tadoconf = [
    // Tado client ID and secret from https://my.tado.com/webapp/env.js
    'tado.clientId' => 'tado-web-app',
    'tado.clientSecret' => 'taG9tXxzGrIFWixUT1nZnzIjlovENGe0KNAB51ADKZQjSlNBvhs0xbT6tC4jIUaC',
    'tado.username' => 'yourtadoemail@email.com',
    'tado.password' => 'yourtadopassporcoziochenotiziamacomelhamessadentroguarda',
    // your home's ID
    'tado.homeid' => '36389',
    // we put access token here. When the AT expires a new one get collected and saved here
    'statefile' => '/tmp/dam2ktado_aeSh8aem.txt' 

$tado = new TadoApi($tadoconf);
$o = $tado->getHomeMetrics();

No official support

TADO (tm) does not support its public api in no way. I get the api methods from a tado knowledgebase public post. Also, thank to this post: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2019/02/tado-api-guide-updated-for-2019/ and https://blog.scphillips.com/posts/2017/01/the-tado-api-v2/