Yii2 accounting module, accounts and periods

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This Yii2 module provides support for balance accounting (bookkeeping) system based on debit and credit principles. Provide additinal functionality:

  • periods (closing period and period balance)
  • dynamicly creating accounts attached one or more tables


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist d3yii2/yii2-d3acc "*"

or add

"d3yii2/yii2-d3acc": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.

push migration

DB structure

DB Schema

Account definition

Create object acc

use \d3acc\models\AcRecAcc;
use Yii;
 * Description of acc
 * @author Dealer
 class acc
    const MONTH_PERIOD = 1;

    const PLAYER_ACC        = 4;
    const EXPENSES          = 10;
    const FOND_PLAYGROUND   = 7;
    acc::CODE_CRD_PLAYGROUND = 'CreditPlaygound';

     * get player  account
     * @param int $personId
     * @return AcRecAcc
    public static function player($personId)
        return AcRecAcc::getAcc(self::PLAYER_ACC, ['person' => $personId]);

     * get expenses  account
     * @return AcRecAcc
    public static function expenses()
        return AcRecAcc::getAcc(self::EXPENSES);
     * get for player playground account
     * @param int $personId
     * @param int $playgroundId
     * @return AcRecAcc
    public static function fondPlayground($personId, $playgroundId)
        return AcRecAcc::getAcc(self::FOND_PLAYGROUND,
                ['person' => $personId, 'playground' => $playgroundId]);

Transaction registration

        * player accounts
       $recAccPPG    = acc::playerPlayground($person_id, $playground_id);
       $recAccPlayer = acc::player($person_id);
       $day = date('Y-m-d');
       $tran = AcTran::registre($recAccPlayer, $recAccPPG, $personAmt,
               $day, acc::MONTH_PERIOD, acc::CODE_CRD_PLAYGROUND);


use d3acc\models\AcPeriod;
$acPeriod = AcPeriod::getActivePeriod(acc::MONTH_PERIOD))

//close period


 $recAccPlayer = acc::player($person_id);
 $data = AcTran::accPeriodTran($recAccPlayer, $acPeriod);


 $filter  = ['playground' => $playgroundId]
 $playgroundAllPersonBalance = AcTran::accBalanceFilter(acc::FOND_PLAYGROUND, $acPeriod,$filter);
 $filter  = ['person' => $personId]
 $personAllPlaygroundsBalance = AcTran::accBalanceFilter(acc::FOND_PLAYGROUND, $acPeriod,$filter);
 $allPlaygroundsAllPersonBalance = AcTran::accBalanceFilter(acc::FOND_PLAYGROUND, $acPeriod,[]);

Define account plan by creating acc class

Add definition record in tables

Migrations with AccConstructor

$constructor = new AccConstructor();

Load existind or create new account (ac_account table) for session

$constructor->create($code, $name);

Add new account dimension (ac_def table) for loaded/created account

$definition = $constructor->addDimension($table, $pkField);

Add new extended-account (ac_rec_acc table) for loaded/created account

$extAccount = $constructor->addExtendedAccount();

Add new dimension value (ac_rec_ref table) and recalculate label for given extended-account (ac_rec_acc table)

$constructor->addDimensionRecAcc($extAccount->id, $definition->id, $pk_value);