This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Laravel adapter for the Aalberts PXL CMS

0.9.13 2017-03-31 08:33 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-19 20:04:11 UTC


Nothing to see here for now. See the PXLCMS adapter package for more information.


Via Composer

$ composer require czim/aalberts-pxlcms

Add this line of code to the providers array located in your config/app.php file:


And add the facade aliases to the same file:

    'Aalberts'  => Aalberts\Facades\AalbertsFacade::class,
    'Translate' => Aalberts\Facades\TranslateFacade::class,

Publish the configuration:

$ php artisan vendor:publish

Set up event listening for missing translation phrases. Add the following pair to your EventServiceProvider class:

    \Aalberts\Events\DetectedMissingTranslationPhrase::class => [
    \Aalberts\Events\SearchPerformed::class => [ 


This package requires that a cache driver be used that supports tagging (such as Redis).



Set the following keys for your application in the .env file like so (or adjust confing/aalberts.php directly).



Translations, CMS content and Compano content are all cached for common lookups. All translations should be loaded in cache at all times; other content may be cached on demand.

A typical schedule for this in your Console/Kernel.php is:




It is much more efficient to keep all translations cached, to prevent lookups for individual atrans() calls. Translations are not automatically cached, at least not in a batch.

To make sure the cache stays up to date, schedule the artisan:cache:translations command to run periodically. It is recommended to keep the interval at least 5 minutes or to prevent overlap. The command will check whether a cache is required by comparing the latest modifiedts date for all the organization's translations. If no updates since the last cache time are detected, the cache will not be renewed.

If no cache has been set at all, this command will always fill the cache.

Local translations

Add aalberts translations files for all locales that your application uses and set content like the following:


return [

    'months' => [
        '01' => 'jan',
        '02' => 'feb',
        '03' => 'mrt',
        '04' => 'apr',
        '05' => 'mei',
        '06' => 'jun',
        '07' => 'jul',
        '08' => 'aug',
        '09' => 'sep',
        '10' => 'okt',
        '11' => 'nov',
        '12' => 'dec',

This will be used by the StandardDateFormatter.


Run the generator to make the models and repositories:

$ php artisan aalberts:generate

This command works exactly like the czim/laravel-pxlcms package pxlcms:generate command.


Some models have presenters from the Laracasts presenter package.

ToDo: add support for this to the package

  • How to override and/or set your own presenter classes.
  • Provide default presenters
  • Set up date formatting (with 'special' standard class)


Note that the Translator expects the generated Phrase and Translation classes to be in App\Models\Aalberts. Anywhere else will break the built-in Translator class.


Adding a Filter

Things to update:

  • Add the filter slugs & validation rules to the Aalberts\Filters\ProductFilterData (don't forget the $defaults key!)
  • Add the filter slugs to the Aalberts\Filters\ProductFilter properties
  • Add an Aalberts\Filters\ParameterCounters\.. Counter class
  • Add an Aalberts\Filters\ParameterFilters\.. Parameter class
  • If it doesn't exist yet, add a repository for the Compano filter target model (such as for cmp_applications)
  • Update the Aalberts\Factories\FilterStrategyFactory: set the repository for the slug



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.