Basic light weight framework for external or internal APIs

v1.1.12 2017-06-23 13:20 UTC


After installing module using composer, you need to follow steps below:

  1. Add content of src/.htaccess to your .htaccess file or just copy it to your root directory if u don't have one
  2. Create basic folder for your API (by default it should be named 'Api')
  3. Create application folder inside your Api (by default it should be named 'App')
  4. Create Routing.php file where you put your routing config with basic structure as defined below:
  5. Implement 'show' method in your basic controller which will be called by default if no other method is passed
  6. Create index.php file with code as presented below
  7. To call default method in your basic controller type (for external api) or (for internal api)
  8. To call method 'test' in your custom controller for internal api type

File: index.php

// Register vendor autoloader
require_once '../vendor/autoload.php';

// Start application

File: Routing.php

    Framework::API_TYPE_EXTERNAL => array(
        Framework::DEFAULT_CONTROLLER_ROUTE_NAME => 'Api\App\Basic\Controller\BasicControllerName',
        'custom_route' => 'Api\App\Path\To\Your\Controller',
    Framework::API_TYPE_INTERNAL => array(
        Framework::DEFAULT_CONTROLLER_ROUTE_NAME => 'Api\App\Basic\Controller\BasicControllerName',