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Blink is a micro web framework for building long-running and high performance services, the design heavily inspired by Yii2 and Laravel. Blink aims to provide the most expressive and elegant API and try to make the experience of web development as pleasant as possible.

Besides, Blink is also an application server that can serve requests directly in PHP, without php-fpm or Apache's mod_php. we use the Swoole extension as the underlying networking library. This can easily make our PHP application 100% faster in just a blink.


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  • QQ群 (China): 114632054 (暗号: blink)

Why build this?

In php-fpm or mod_php, all resources like objects and database connections only live within a single request, all these resources will be freed once the request terminates. This works fine with simple applications without much traffic, but for large scale applications, the performance impact of reallocating resources on every request is really huge.

Because of this, we are always trying to find a way to reduce unnecessary resources reallocating on every request, and I'm finally very glad to announce that Blink is exactly the answer!


  • Powered by Swoole, serve requests in PHP directly
  • Dependency Injection & Service Locator
  • Routing for Restful APIs
  • Authentication & Authorization abstraction
  • Session Management abstraction
  • Middleware support for Request and Response
  • Plugins support
  • PHPUnit integration for unit tests


Install the latest version with

composer create-project --prefer-dist blink/seed your-app


Blink is fully documented in both English and Chinese:

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Blink is still in active development, so your participation is very welcome!

You may participate in the following ways:


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The Blink framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license