Composer personal web interface. Manage Laravel dependencies without switching to command line!

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Laravel Paket satisfies application requirements. Manage Laravel dependencies without switching to command line!

Graphical User Interface made with Tailwind CSS.

Official Documentation

Documentation can be found in Laravel Paket Guide.


Pull in the package through Composer.

$ composer require cybercog/laravel-paket --dev

Run Artisan paket:setup command to publish Paket assets to public/vendor/paket directory & create storage/paket directory for terminal job logs.

$ php artisan paket:setup


When upgrading Paket, you should re-publish assets to public/vendor/paket directory with force setup command.

$ php artisan paket:setup --force

Quick Start

Run local development server.

$ php artisan serve

Go to URL http://localhost:8000/paket in your browser.

You will only be able to access this dashboard when APP_ENV=local is set in .env file.


Laravel Paket Dashboard

Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Ecosystem

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Laravel Paket Requirements

Terminal Jobs

Laravel Paket Jobs

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Laravel Paket Job


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