A SilverStripe module to optimise the Meta, crawling, indexing, and sharing of your website content

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Author: Andrew Mc Cormack


A SilverStripe module to enhance and optimize your website SEO.

  • SEO Extension for Pages and DataObjects
  • Meta Title, Description, Twitter, Facebook (OG Graph), Canonical, Robots, Social Image Meta
  • Ability to add other Meta tags
  • Pagination Meta tags for page sets
  • Dynamic Meta generation from Model properties
  • Auto generated Blog Post schema
  • Free text field for Page schema
  • CMS Google SERP Meta preview
  • SEO CMS Admin area
  • SEO CMS Settings configuration
  • Robots.txt controller and auto generation
  • XML Sitemap controller and auto generation
  • Ability to attach images to XML Sitemap pages
  • Nested HTML Sitemap generator
  • Blog module SEO extension


SilverStripe 4.0 and 4.1 and over require different versions of this module because of the different public folder structure. Please see the following 2 methods.

SilverStripe 4.1 installation

Add the following to your composer.json file and run /dev/build?flush=all

    "require": {  
        "cyber-duck/silverstripe-seo": "4.2.*"

SilverStripe 4.0 installation

Add the following to your composer.json file and run /dev/build?flush=all

    "require": {  
        "cyber-duck/silverstripe-seo": "4.1.*"



  • Automap Sitemap Priority